What Is Dak Prescott`s Contract with the Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott`s contract with the Dallas Cowboys has been the subject of much discussion and speculation in recent years. As one of the team`s star players, fans and analysts alike have been eager to learn the details of his deal and what it says about his future with the franchise.

Prescott signed his current contract with the Cowboys in March of 2021, after several months of negotiations between his representatives and the team. The deal is a four-year contract worth $160 million, making him one of the highest-paid players in the NFL.

However, the contract also includes several important clauses and provisions that are worth noting. For example, the deal includes a $66 million signing bonus, which is the largest in NFL history. It also includes a no-trade clause and a no-tag provision, which means that Prescott will be a free agent at the end of the contract if the Cowboys do not extend him further.

Another key aspect of the contract is its structure and breakdown. The deal includes $126 million in guaranteed money, which is also a record for an NFL contract. However, the guarantees are not fully guaranteed, meaning that Prescott would only receive the money if he is on the roster for certain dates in the future.

The contract also includes several performance-based incentives that could boost Prescott`s earnings even further. These incentives include Pro Bowl appearances, playoff wins, and Super Bowl victories, among other achievements.

Overall, Dak Prescott`s contract with the Dallas Cowboys is a significant investment for the team, and reflects their confidence in his abilities as a player and leader. However, it also includes several important provisions and incentives that will shape his future with the franchise. As a fan or follower of the team, it is important to understand these details and how they may impact Prescott`s career in the years to come.